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Founded in 2010 by ZANZAN, we are primarily concerned with providing a future for our children, i.e. a world without plastic, dangerous chemicals and fertilisers. We are returning to basics – what our anchestors understood and practised. We seek to educate and inform both locals and visitors. We seek to bridge the gap between environmental concerns and human interests through practical education and sustainable Sudaji community involvement. The concept for OMunity Bali is “living with” and “amongst” the community and local people of Sudaji. Join us if you would like to experience first-hand real Balinese people and culture…

We are totally organic and support many environmental initiatives. All our prices are fully inclusive of breakfast, lunch & dinner, full use of the Wantilan, swimming pool, and many other community activities. We offer the perfect location and facilities for your event, seminar, retreat or workshop. We are happy to tailor a solution to suit your needs whether you are an individual or group (we can cater for up to 144 people staying overnight). We also provide our own YOGA and Spiritual packages…

Omunity Bali Story

ZANZAN is a passionate individual beaming with ambition and creativity. His inspiration for building Omunity came about from his experiences with influential sustainable tourism mentors, locally and globally, as well as deep self-introspection and revelation.

With the support of his family and friends, ZANZAN took on an intensive 33-day meditation and upon completion of his inner viewing, he came to the realisation that his calling in life was to focus on the youth and community in Sudaji. One of ZANZAN’s gurus, Peter Voss, advised ZANZAN to “follow his heart” and bring his vision of Omunity into fruition. ZANZAN does just that and develops the foundation for Omunity’s vision with the five C’s of [C]ommunity: Create, Concept, Commit, Consistent, and Client (Collaboration). Since then, groups from around the world have come to learn and explore at Omunity and ZANZAN attributes current and future success to having a pure heart that pushes this ‘miracle power’ forward.

By having Omunity serve as a centre of cross-cultural awareness, ZANZAN endeavours to create an exchange of ideas of life that will ultimately help uplift and empower the community of Sudaji.

Written by RACI Project 2012 team members Tess Czerski, Poppy Smith, and Tiffany Elizabeth Tan, who were inspired by ZANZAN’s enthusiasm for Sudaji’s cultural and traditional wellbeing.



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